Saturday, April 19, 2014

STYLED: Playful Plaids

A cold front moved through the USA this week. Those Winter layers I had shed because of nicer weather, had to be put back on. Spring, like Fall, is a transitional season, going from one extreme weather to another. Plaid is traditionally a Fall fabric, but during the 90s, it was made a year round fabric. I certainly had a variety of plaid shirts and skirts. Now, as I'm far past my teenage years (when grunge was around for me), I have 1 plaid skirt, 1 plaid jacket, 1 fitted plaid dress, 1 fitted plaid button up, and a few plaid tanks. Away are the days of over-sized plaid shirt, and plaid mini school skirts. With the 90s being in revival, it's a good opportunity to reintroduce plaid, but in a grown up way. It's a bold print, so it looks best if everything else is simple, and it's the only print. I prefer knee length to slightly shorter skirts and dresses, so the print doesn't overwhelm the body. Pants are an exception, but they don't work for everyone. If you don't see plaid in your local retails stores, check out thrift stores, Etsy vintage, and Ebay.

Friday, April 18, 2014

INTERIORS: Craft Rooms

While I've been reorganizing and decorating my house, I've been looking for new inspiration. We've been in this house about 9 years. Our style has changed from "slightly more stylish than a college kid" to "we inherited a lot of antiques and our house is classy now". Our style need some updating and rethinking. I've loved vintage country decor for a long time. I want something bright and inspiring for downstairs, since it's becoming our new "Creativity Room". I came across this Jenny Allsorts' Creative Space and was instantly inspired create my own turquoise, red, white, and yellow space. The walls are currently are a pale blue, which is more sad than calming. Turquoise would be an easy brighter transformation. There is a vintage yellow couch and bright yellow built in cabinets. I love the couch (it was my paternal grandparents), which is a rich yellow and will likely be the only yellow in the room. The cabinets are a bright yellow that I'm not fond of. I'm thinking of painting them red, black, or white. I have plenty of red fabric to use for new curtains. I'll share photos and insights as my redecorating and reorganizing comes together. Anyway, instead of reading my ongoing brainstorm of ideas, how about some pretty photos.

BEAUTY MUSE: Siouxsie Sioux

On of my favorite gothic ladies is Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees. If you aren't familiar with the band, or perhaps need a reference refresher, listen to the full "Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees" album here. My favorites are "Cities in Dust" and "Peek A Boo". Her strong eye makeup is iconic for her look. Full brows are making a comeback. Her's are large, and hardly natural looking, but it worked well for her. I love the eye makeup looks. I'm going to attempt my own version one day...maybe with thinner brows though. If you'd like to recreate her iconic makeup, watch the tutorials below.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

STYLED: Tied to be Dyed

I have a few dye projects planned. In the craft world, tie dye is still an in thing. It's not the same tie dye of the 60s. There are better dye products that are colorfast and have quick results. These are some photos to inspire you in your own creations. This is not your mother's clothing...but it could be if your mom is hip.

Monday, April 14, 2014

STYLED: Simply Striped

Stripes are still popular this season, but done in a very classic way. These are timeless pieces that make a strong statement without being super trendy. Those are the "trends" that I like to see. I love the way these ladies have styled their striped pieces. Gives you a broad idea of how you can wear them.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

HOLIDAY: 51 Easter Egg Tutorials

In my family, Easter is a celebration of Spring. This year it's 2 days before my younger brother's birthday. When I was a kid, we would dye eggs, but eventually moved to plastic eggs. One year we were at a cabin, where we couldn't dye eggs. Mom brought plastic ones and paint pens. That was the 1st time I learned that eggs could be decorated without messy dye. We use plastic ones with our daughter, since we do an egg hunt, and don't want to have a repeat of that time my younger brother hid a real egg in my dad's van stinky when it wasn't found. Instead, mom uses the real eggs to make yummy deviled eggs...which I'd like a plate of right now. Whether you use real or fake eggs, this yearly holiday tradition is always fun. Here are some great tutorials to inspire you in your egg decorating.

Dye is traditional, but these tutorials breakaway from the standard dyed eggs. These use various coloring, kits, and even Kool-Aid. There are different techniques using things you might already own.

1) Lil' Luna - Polka Dot Eggs
2) DIY Till We Die - Lace Patterned Eggs
3) S.A.S Interiors - Dip Dyed Eggs
4) Spoon Fork Bacon - Watercolor Easter Eggs
5) Parents - Rubber Cement Easter Eggs
6) Kimberly Cun - Marbled Easter Eggs
7) For The Love Of - Watercolor Sprayed Eggs
8) A Thrifty Mom - Swirled Easter Eggs
9) Totally The Bomb - Kool Aid Easter Eggs

If you are feeling more artistic, try these painted egg tutorials. These are great ways to makeover faux eggs.

10) Little Inspiration - Marbleized Nail Polish Eggs
11) Parents - Swirly Palette Eggs
12) Pink and Green Mama - Dimensional Stained Glass Eggs
13) Cathie and Steve on Plaid - Crackle Finish Easter Eggs
14) The V Spot - Faux Robin's Eggs
15) Let it Shine - Speckled Painted Plastic Eggs

For controlled artwork, using paint pens to draw designs. I recommend these for faux eggs only, as they aren't food safe.

16) Alisa Burke - Doodle Eggs
17) Obviously Sweet - Black and White Eggs
18) By Wilma - Mustache Men Eggs
19) Confetti Sunshine - Hand Drawn Eggs
20) The Caroline Johansson - Hand Painted Eggs
21) Paper and Stitch - Metallic Egg Art

For some sparkle, you can use glitter and metal foils to decorate your eggs. Just keep in mind if you want to eat the eggs, or just use them as decoration. I suggest faux or blown out eggs for these.

22) Lil' Luna - Glitter Eggs
23) Girl Inspired - Glitter Easter Eggs
24) Magia Mia - Silver Leaf Filigree Eggs
25) Go Make Me - Gold Bullion Easter Eggs
26) Just Crafty Enough - Antiqued Silver Eggs
27) Architecture of a Mom - Mod Metallic Eggs
28) She Knows - Golden Marbled Eggs
29) Little Inspiration - Gold Leaf Eggs

Washi Tape is a great decorative material for eggs. It comes in beautiful designs that can easily decorate eggs. It can also be removed before eating the eggs, which makes it food safe.

30) Lovely Indeed - Washi Tape Easter Eggs
31) Centsational Girl - Washi and Glitter Tape Eggs
32) Better Homes and Gardens - Pastel Striped Eggs
33) Fynes Designs - Washi Tape Chevron Eggs

If you aren't a super crafter, use paper and decoupage to decorate your eggs. This is great for faux eggs, especially with such beautiful intricate design possibilities.

34) Rook No. 17 - Silhouette Eggs
35) Creative Connections for Kids - Mod Podge Easter Eggs
36) Dizzy Maiden - Decoupage Eggs
37) Parents - Floral Napkin Eggs
38) Red Ted Art - Plastic Egg to Family Keepsake
39) Sew for School - Book Page and Napkin Eggs 

For you typography lovers out there, these eggs are perfect. These can be done on real or faux eggs, depending on the required materials.

40) Oh Happy Day - Calligraphed Eggs
41) First Home Love Life - Easter Diction-Eggys
42) Lil' Luna - Monogram Easter Eggs
43) Vicki Chrisman - Book Print on Eggs
44) Setting For Four - French Script Eggs
45) Sondra Lyn at Home - French Script Eggs

Wreaths are a great Spring decoration. You can use any of the above tutorials for faux eggs, and create a wreath with those decorative eggs.

46) The Photographer's Wife - Easter Egg Wreath
47) I Am Only 1 Woman - Easter Egg Wreath
48) Tattertots and Jello - Washi Tape Egg Wreath
49) The Sweet Survival - Yarn Egg Wreath
51) Home Talk - Plastic Easter Egg Wreath
52) Uncommon Designs - Robin's Egg Blue Easter Wreath

Like saving tutorials to your Pinterest boards? Pin this image, to reference them all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

COSTUME: League of Space Pirates #13

For the next League of Space Pirates Live From Space episode, I want to play with using the bustle I created for the last Doomsday party. This is my general concept for the costume, but I might add a corset. I haven't shown you a costume concept in a while, so I thought you all might like this one. If you've missed the previous episodes, you can see them on YouTube. Watch them live monthly, on Ustream.

League of Space Pirates #13

Friday, April 11, 2014

INTERIORS: Home Libraries

I love the smell of books. I don't have a reading tablet. I'd rather run my fingers over pages and smell their pulpy goodness. Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of books. They are spread out in the house, in various bookcases. This is something that I grew up with, as my mother is a reading addict, which is a good addiction to have. For our family, we make monthly library trips, where Alex stocks up on books. She reads about 10-15 per month. We have a section of our cube bookcase for her library books. Today is library day. I've always loved the look of old libraries, with floor to ceiling, wall to wall shelves filled with books. This isn't something everyone has space or the collection for. However, you can have a home library, within your space. Here is some inspiration of how to incorporate a home library into your home. Walls, corners, a nook, and under the stairs. Creative storage for those works of literature that expand our minds.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

INTERIORS: Gallery Walls

I have a lot of artwork to frame. It's various shapes and some is 3D. I've been looking at gallery wall photos, to get some inspiration. If you need a change in how your artwork and mementos are displayed, hopefully this will inspire you, as it has me. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, will help you learn how to style a gallery wall.

Monday, April 7, 2014

INTERIORS: Floral Wall Mural

The other day, I was pondering how to redecorate my house. We've lived here for about 9 years. We've had a lot of furniture changes and clutter build up over the years. I've hung some artwork, but not as much as we have. We've painted Alex's bedroom, and stripped the wallpaper mostly off the small bathroom. The walls need an overhaul...terrible garish paint and outdated wallpaper need to go. Since the main floor has mostly white walls, I wanted to start with these. They also are the most unusual walls of various heights, and dimensions. That's a big reason why they've gone unpainted since we moved in. Over the last few years, I've learned how to paint better, and I'd love to turn these walls into a huge canvas. I love nature, so what I'd like to do is paint an expansive mural around the rooms, halls, and stair cases. Since our financial situation has changed recently, we have to stay in our current house. It's a good house overall, we just wanted a house with our own yard. The timing isn't good for that to happen, and we haven't found anything suitable (big and private enough) for our price range. My concept at this point, is to have the walls painted (we're unable to paint the vaulted walls ourselves) grey, and I'll hand paint a design all over them. This will take a while, but it will give me something to do on those days when I just feel like painting and want to work large. The two collages below are some inspiration I collected. This concept might not work for your personal tastes, but remember this is my home, not yours.

Colorful Floral Walls

Black and White Floral Walls

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