Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WEEK IN REVIEW: March 30 - April 5

This week I spent cleaning the house, hanging out with my little family, participating in photo challenges, and working on projects.

1) On Sunday, we had dinner at the Hard Shell, which is a nearby seafood restaurant.

2) Monday, I worked on painting more wood circles. I made these geometric pendants...

3) ...and this silver and grey geometric cluster necklace.

4) Tuesday, I painted this brown and gold geometric cluster necklace.

5) I started participating in the I Love to Create Instagram April Photo Challenge. The 1st challenge was Ribbon. This is my stash of ribbon spools.

6) I worked on decluttering the dining room, by moving the remaining craft supplies to the rooms it belongs in. 

7) By Wednesday morning, this is what that same section of room looked like. I moved the bookcase backwards against the wall, to open up the room again.

8) I made the bottom two corner cubbies into kitty lounging spots.

9) I Love to Create photo challenge day 2 was Tacky Glue. I have this big jug left over from teaching classes.

10) Street Anatomy was also doing a photo challenge, of anatomical interiors. On Thursday, I chose to photograph the door of my grandmother's antique record player cabinet. I use it to store delicate artwork. I bought this decorative skull from Michaels one Halloween season. It's been hanging on the door handles since I brought it home. I think it's fitting for the contents of this cabinet.

11) I decluttered our mantle and moved most of our Autumn decorations into the dining room.

12) John helped me swap the wood toy box and the armchair. A few weeks before, Alex had filled the toy box with her VHS tapes. I laid a body pillow and quilt on top, for extra seating. The cats have enjoyed laying on it.

13) I Love to Create photo challenge day 3 was Doodles. I chose the Skull of Swirls I created during my 1st year with Skull-A-Day.

14) Friday, I shared a photo of my anatomical lantern. We bought this at TJ Maxx a couple years ago, before Halloween. 

15) Friday, we went to D.C. to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. For I Love to Create photo challenge day 3: Sparkle, I photographed the Hope Diamond.

16) This is Alex in front of the elephant in the atrium of the museum.

17) On the way home, we stopped at Joe's Crab Shack for dinner.

18) Saturday, I relaxed at home. I'm holding a tumbler glass we bought at Target, post Halloween. I love how fancy it is.

Monday, April 21, 2014

OUTFIT: Old School Plaid

I never went to a school with a uniform, but I grew up with kids who did. The girls wore plaid skirts that they rolled up to make shorter. Back in the late 90s, I wore plaid mini skirts...some part post-punk and school girl costume. For this 90s revival look, I wanted to make it more appropriate for the grown up ladies who might recall those 90s plaid minis. I made this outfit casual to take away the school uniform feel of plaid skirts. This cardigan adds a subtle pattern, and a great layer for the cold transitional Spring weather. This big messenger back is great for carrying a lot of things, including the cardigan if the weather warms up. The other accessories are minimal to me, and things I would wear. You can switch them out for other things.

OUTFIT: Country Plaid

Playing with a traditional plaid shirt in a girly country outfit. You can wear the shirt belted over the dress, or tied in the front. The layer works best when it fits well. I included accessories that have a vintage feel to them. You could use this layering concept with a different dress, maybe chambray or a subtle print. Plaid shirts come in a variety of color combos. I love red the best.

HAIR: Red and Pink Pixie Hair

I need to recolor my hair this week. Since it's been a pixie cut for a few months, I've only done a basic overall color. I need to rebleach my roots and want to play with other colors. I have both red and pink colors available. I love the pastel hair trend, so I might play with that. This is the inspiration I gathered, to help me decided how to recolor my hair.

OUTFIT: Classy Plaid

I love this plaid dress from Betsey Johnson. It's a pretty way to wear plaid, so I dressed it up with fancy accessories. You could simplify it or dress it down.

OUTFIT: Rockabilly Plaid

Playing around with this plaid crop top, I chose to style it as a Rockabilly outfit. I wanted to show how you can use current trends...crop top, tube skirt, crossbody bag, and wedges, and still keep with a vintage inspired aesthetic. If this is too body con for you, layer a loose cardigan or wear a flared skirt. Flats would also look cute. I like how wedges elongate the body in combo with the tight skirt, and are still comfy to wear. The hair wrap is great for those bad hair days, but they also replace tight headbands, and come in many great fabrics. I love this type of bag for carrying my purse essentials, while freeing up my hands. You can switch to a different bag, but if you are going for a streamlined body look, something small and slim is great.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

STYLED: Playful Plaids

A cold front moved through the USA this week. Those Winter layers I had shed because of nicer weather, had to be put back on. Spring, like Fall, is a transitional season, going from one extreme weather to another. Plaid is traditionally a Fall fabric, but during the 90s, it was made a year round fabric. I certainly had a variety of plaid shirts and skirts. Now, as I'm far past my teenage years (when grunge was around for me), I have 1 plaid skirt, 1 plaid jacket, 1 fitted plaid dress, 1 fitted plaid button up, and a few plaid tanks. Away are the days of over-sized plaid shirt, and plaid mini school skirts. With the 90s being in revival, it's a good opportunity to reintroduce plaid, but in a grown up way. It's a bold print, so it looks best if everything else is simple, and it's the only print. I prefer knee length to slightly shorter skirts and dresses, so the print doesn't overwhelm the body. Pants are an exception, but they don't work for everyone. If you don't see plaid in your local retails stores, check out thrift stores, Etsy vintage, and Ebay.

Friday, April 18, 2014

INTERIORS: Craft Rooms

While I've been reorganizing and decorating my house, I've been looking for new inspiration. We've been in this house about 9 years. Our style has changed from "slightly more stylish than a college kid" to "we inherited a lot of antiques and our house is classy now". Our style need some updating and rethinking. I've loved vintage country decor for a long time. I want something bright and inspiring for downstairs, since it's becoming our new "Creativity Room". I came across this Jenny Allsorts' Creative Space and was instantly inspired create my own turquoise, red, white, and yellow space. The walls are currently are a pale blue, which is more sad than calming. Turquoise would be an easy brighter transformation. There is a vintage yellow couch and bright yellow built in cabinets. I love the couch (it was my paternal grandparents), which is a rich yellow and will likely be the only yellow in the room. The cabinets are a bright yellow that I'm not fond of. I'm thinking of painting them red, black, or white. I have plenty of red fabric to use for new curtains. I'll share photos and insights as my redecorating and reorganizing comes together. Anyway, instead of reading my ongoing brainstorm of ideas, how about some pretty photos.

BEAUTY MUSE: Siouxsie Sioux

On of my favorite gothic ladies is Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees. If you aren't familiar with the band, or perhaps need a reference refresher, listen to the full "Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees" album here. My favorites are "Cities in Dust" and "Peek A Boo". Her strong eye makeup is iconic for her look. Full brows are making a comeback. Her's are large, and hardly natural looking, but it worked well for her. I love the eye makeup looks. I'm going to attempt my own version one day...maybe with thinner brows though. If you'd like to recreate her iconic makeup, watch the tutorials below.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

STYLED: Tied to be Dyed

I have a few dye projects planned. In the craft world, tie dye is still an in thing. It's not the same tie dye of the 60s. There are better dye products that are colorfast and have quick results. These are some photos to inspire you in your own creations. This is not your mother's clothing...but it could be if your mom is hip.

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